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Date: 12/2/2012

Who: Champ - Austin “No Doubt” Trout (25-0 w/14 KOs) vs. Challenger -Miguel Cotto (37-3 w/30 KOs)
What: WBA World Light Middleweight Title fight, 12 rounds
Where: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

Armando Romo – Las Vegas
The Puerto Rican superstar has only lost in Sin City and while not too many people pay attention to ritualistic behavior or superstitious actions, I believe that this fight is in The Big Apple for one simple reason; Cotto winning. His 3 losses came at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas and sometimes as a professional athlete it’s tough to shake those demons that sprout following a defeat. After thrilling fans with 40 total outings including exciting victories over Ricardo Torres, Zab Judah, Antonio Margarito and Shane Mosley, who knows how much longer the proud warrior has left? I’m guessing that if Cotto’s boxing career is a music album; we are likely listening to the last couple of songs therefore without question things have to go smoothly and the margin of error is almost non-existent. Miguel is unbeaten at The Garden and finding himself surrounded by his loving, supporting fan base will do wonders for his performance this weekend resulting in a signature win.

Another reason I’m picking Cotto to walk out of New York triumphant besides home town advantage is that while Trout is a durable opponent who will step into the ring on Saturday night with a 5-inch reach advantage and a 2-inch height advantage, he has a huge disadvantage due to his total lack of experience on the big stage. Not to take anything away from the unbeaten New Mexico native but the most recognizable name on his ledger would read Delvin Rodriguez, while on the other hand even Cotto’s losses to Pacquiao and Mayweather eclipse the merit of Austin grabbing a one-sided verdict over Rodriguez. In conclusion, Miguel Cotto will work the body, circle and attack & snap his solid jab en-route to a TKO stoppage of Austin even though the game fighter will give it his all, it just won’t be enough against a more seasoned veteran like Cotto. Once Miguel Angel sees the opening, he will put the hook in Trout and end the WBA champion’s reign in the 9th round.

Jose Martino – Las Vegas

I see Cotto breaking down Trout with his viscious body shots and stopping him late. I think Austin Trout will have his moments, as very infrequently do we go throgh any Miguel Cotto fight with some exciting moments. Cotto by 9 or 10 round TKO

JC Casarez - Los Angeles 

To many Austin Trout is an unknown champion who they view as another Miguel Cotto opponent as he returns to the Big Apple. They couldn't be more wrong. Trout has the speed and strength to make this a very difficult fight for Cotto. Trout is also tough as I know from not only his fights but the good sparring he gave a prime Antonio Margarito without backing down. Going into enemy territory will be nothing new as the defending champion did the same in capturing the title by going into Mexico to defeat Rigoberto Alvarez. Trout leaves no doubt as he wins a UD to retain the title. 

Mark Lyons- Maryland

This is really a difficult fight for me to visualize, one thing’s for sure- Cotto doesn’t do dull. I’m expecting quite a few momentum shifts and a back and forth battle between Trout’s jab and Miguel’s beautiful combinations. I’m very close to pulling the trigger on the upset but I think Cotto’s body work will pay dividends late, not to mention a close fight is unlikely to go against him, and he will edge out a tough decision win that should elevate both fighters but will more than likely add another chapter to the Miguel Cotto is “shot” internet saga.

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